From the moment construction began in 1874, the most intelligent and creative of thinkers have found themselves fascinated with the Hegeler Carus Mansion.  And why not?  Architecturally, it’s a masterpiece.  Culturally, it was the height of Victorian opulence with a nod toward innovation.  Philisophically, it was the home of inspired genius.  Currently, it’s a National Landmark, complete with original furnishings.

Realistically, it won’t restore itself.

In order to bring back the true grandeur of the Hegeler Carus Mansion, funds and artistic skills are needed.  In order to tell its story, volunteer docents are needed.  Volunteer docents are the voices that speak where walls cannot.  Through the passionate, enlightening, and entertaining tours of our docents, guests are whisked away to the days of calling cards, blackleading boxes, the cast iron stove, and the handwritten letter.

The Hegeler Carus Foundation is searching for those intelligent and creative minds with a passion for history to lead guided tours of the Mansion.  What better way to learn from the past than to become a part of it?  If you are looking for the kind of experience that’s rewarding, challenging, changing, and motivating, contact the Hegeler Carus Mansion today.

 Be a part of something bigger.  Much bigger.  The Hegeler Carus Mansion.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, call Tricia at (815) 224-5892.

2 Replies to “Volunteer Opportunities”

  1. Hello! I am extremely interested in volunteer opportunities at the mansion. However being out in front as a tour guide isn’t for me. Are there more behind the scenes jobs available?

    Thank you,
    Kimberly Gorges

    1. Oh yes! There certainly are! I’ll have Tricia Kelly, our Tour Director, contact you via email. You can also call her at 815 224-5892. The Mansion is closed tomorrow for the 4th, so Tricia will be available Thursday. Thank you for your interest!

      Lesia Bara Hass
      Interim Administrative Assistant
      Hegeler Carus Mansion

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